Gonge Giant Airboard plus Airboards Set




Gonge Giant Airboard plus Airboards Set.

Air boards are unique balancing boards that are ideal for strengthening muscles in the ankles, legs and upper body. The hard surface offers a sturdy platform and safe grip for the feet, while the inflatable base ensures smooth and gentle movements.

The Gonge Giant Airboard encourages activities where the child sits or lies on the board. The large diameter (580mm) makes it easy to control rotation when standing or rocking. Placing the coloured side down creates an inflated dome (up to 170mm), offering excellent balance training. The Air Board can be adapted to the level of the user by adjusting the inflation pressure. Higher pressure makes the board more sensitive to movement, and therefore more challenging. Set includes:

1 x Giant Airboard

1 x Airboard set of 3 Dia 390 x H120mm (Red, Green and Yellow.)


Manufactured from toughened plastic and artificial rubber, using a new patent-pending method.

Maximum load 100 kg. 

Suitable for children aged 3+ 


Dimensions Dia 580 x H170mm